To excel…always

We are committed to excellence, making sure that our clients not only benefit from our expertise, but stay with us for the long term. More often than not, candidates believe we are part of their team! However, for them as well as for you, we ensure we remain professional and objective, respecting the strict code of ethics of recruitment.

Our Approach: The complete recruitment solution

At Ways International we are continually improving on and evolving our search methodology to adapt to both new market and new technology challenges. Our innovative approach allows you to focus your time, and financial investment, whilst we safeguard the quality: Quality of shortlisted candidates, quality of the process.

Ways International Quality

Precision and Transparency

Every week you receive a status report on the assignment: candidates approached, daily activity updates. For us keeping you up-to-date is the foundation to a successful partnership.

Innovation and Competitiveness

Our innovative methodologies, as referenced by NICTs, ensure efficiency and effectiveness of both your time and cost investment, without impairing the quality of our service. They are particularly well suited to start-ups who clearly need to recruit in numbers, on a tight budget.

How can you find the right candidate, in a cost and time effective manner?

Our Total Commitment

Ways International works together with client and candidate throughout the recruitment process, by focusing on providing effective, top quality solutions that meet the needs of both our clients, and the aspirations of the candidates.

  • Total Immersion in the company culture.
  • Candidate Identification and Approach.
  • Shortlist Presentation.
  • Interview Organisation.
  • Support and Advice in Negotiations.
  • Post Hire Follow-Up.

‘Success is in the detail’ and fundamental to any recruitment process, for both recruiter and candidate. A seamless process, which is natural to us, ensuring that every step of the way even the smallest of details has been addressed for a successful outcome: confirmation of interviews, verbal and written, regular updates and feedback…diligent and expeditious.

A Strict Code of Ethics

We care passionately about how we manage the ‘human’ interface, and place the utmost importance on managing expectations ethically and professionally.

For us this means:

  • Total confidentiality with regards to managing all information for both client and candidate.
  • The quality of our candidate relationship: tact, diplomacy and respect.
  • Safeguarding our client’s reputation as an employer.
  • Truly listening to your needs and becoming part of your culture.

Whether our solution is Search or Search and Selection (targeted search and advertising), we manage the entire recruitment process, so that your company’s leaders can focus on their objectives and are not distracted by this time consuming process.


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